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The GrantCast

Dec 31, 2016

Interviews return next week, but to wrap up 2016, I take a listen back to the music that caught my ear in the past year.

Featured Artsits

The Dotted Eyes -

Bruce Hornsby -

Kelly Jones -

The Monkees -

The Kwerks -

Dec 24, 2016 - A small work of holiday fiction about a small mouse on Christmas Eve.


Thomas Mouse on Christmas Eve
By Grant Baciocco

Thomas Mouse brushed the last bits of cookie crumbs from his whiskers with his paws.  His nose twitched slightly as he did.  When he was certain he was now crumb...

Dec 17, 2016 - This week I chat with my fried Tom Konkle who is an actor, writer and director.  We talk about his creative influences growing up, how being an only child inspired his creativity, working with his hero John Cleese and more.


Dec 10, 2016 - Elsie Escobar is a pioneering Podcaster, former actress and yoga teacher.  In this interview we talk about her creative career including going to grad school for theatre, auditioning in Hollywood and how discovering podcasting let her put her true voice into the world.


Dec 3, 2016

Matt Keil is an animator and juggler who found a passion for both at a young age.  In this interview on Matt's creative path we talk juggling conventions, Rochester Institute of Technology and making the move from stop motion to 2D animation.